Dare to Do Coaching Program

In this coaching program, you will explore 5 key areas that will empower you to dare to take risks, do those things you desire and reap the resulting rewards. You will examine the concept of risk and break it down into specific, manageable steps. And you will look at risk from different perspectives and explore how the rewards for taking chances far outweigh the costs. This program will open new doors to exciting opportunities!

97.00 USD

The Journey of Influence Coaching Program

In this program, you will explore key areas that will help you: 1) Explore what happens when you continue to do things even when you don’t like the results you’ve been getting. 2) Define the key terms you’ll be using throughout the program: impact, behavior and mindset. 3) Identify a problem you’re dealing with, and uncover the behaviors and mindset that contribute to it. 4) Reframe the problem you identified and look at new behaviors and mindsets that will get you better results.

97.00 USD