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Quick Start Coaching
Seeds of change are planted and looking for a partner for focus and accountability? Contact me for 6 one-hour sessions within three months and get a Quick Start toward realizing more potential.
Jump Start Coaching
Positioned for a change and seeking a coach to support that process? Contact me for 8 one-hour sessions within four months and get a Jump Start to the next level.
Balanced Start Coaching
Seeking support for ongoing and abiding growth? Contact me for 12 one-hour sessions within six months and get a Balanced Start toward your future.
....Not quite ready for a full coaching program?
Check out a couple targeted options!

Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment

It's time to hold a mirror that reflects your world (perceptions/attitudes) and set the baseline for your current performance and situation. This assessment followed by a 60-90 minute debrief is often foundational for a coaching program.
Laser Breakthrough Coaching
Change is upon you and options need to be considered quickly! Contact me to schedule time and focus intensely during 3 one-hour sessions within one month and let's empower and prepare you to make the best choice possible!

Reignite your passion for your work!

Go Ahead, Find the Time.

Take the first step toward greater satisfaction at work by scheduling 30 minutes to explore options for yourself!